Welcome to your 4X4 Namibia Kite Expedition!

For a group of 8 to 20 like-minded Pioneers with advanced kitesurfing experience, we have created the first Kite & Offroad expedition in Namibia, covering a distance of 2.000 km in 3 magic parts: 

1.     Windhoek to Luderitz via Sossusvlei

2.     Namib Desert from South to North

3.     Walvis Bay to Windhoek via Spitzkoppe

In 14 days, experience the perfect combination of Kiting, serious Self-Drive-Offroading and living in Wild Nature. Leave the Western world behind and go offline to experience the raw and most remote regions of Namibia. Become part of this unique Adventure, such as crossing the world's oldest desert with the highest sand dunes: the Namib, mainly off-the-beaten-track.

Your Self-Drive Experience

Since a major part of this expedition is travelling with fully equipped 4x4s, you will get lots of drive time behind the steering wheel. Experienced guides will share their knowledge necessary to make your way through the desert safely and happily. You may also simply enjoy the Wild being a passenger. 

Your Kitesurf Experience

What you get is an unrivalled kitesurf experience with absolutely no one around you in dream conditions, whether kiting on flat water, in waves and of course long distance downwinders. No one ever kited along the Namib! It’s like visiting another planet and you’ll be the first one! We will find a good balance between 4x4 overlanding and kitesurfing. Average wind speeds range between 20 and 25 knots along the coast, side shore from left (i.e. southerly winds). 

Water temperatures range between 16 and 18 degrees. The long swell on route allows to travel up to 60 km a day with wave heights between 1 and 3 meters. Air temperatures at day range from 20 degrees on the beach up to 38 degrees in the dunes. Nights can be chilly in the desert but good medium class sleeping bags are perfectly fine.


Day 1 to 4: Windhoek to Luderitz

We recommend arriving in Windhoek one day before our Adventure begins. In the morning of Day 1, after the car and gear familiarisation, the 4x4 convoy will make its way 320 km to Sesriem, located at the East edge of the Namib Desert. After one night under the stars, we will explore Sossusvlei early morning, one of the worlds most remote and beautiful places, synonymous with sweeping sand dunes and astonishing sunsets. The salt and clay pan is enclosed by towering, vivid red dunes, which some say are the highest in the world, presenting a breath-taking picture, as their crimson colour clashes with the cobalt sky.

After a first impression of the Namib Desert, we'll continue our journey 500 km towards Luderitz, located at the Southern tip of the Namib Desert and being famous for the former Diamond Restricted area. On Day 3 and Day 4, our Kitesurf Adventure begins with two full days of Kitesurfing in world class conditions. 


Luderitz is the perfect spot to get familiar with the local conditions. Besides, it offers dream wave and flat water spots nearby which we'll be exploring. With two nights spent at a guest house, we’ll begin our Namib Desert tour at Day 5.

Day 5 to 12: Luderitz to Walvis Bay: Crossing the Namib Desert South to North

We'll take good care of finding the right balance between Overlanding in the dunes and along beaches including paradise Downwinders. The coastal terrain is not always allowing to drive along the beach. However, our main target is to kite as much as possible.  

You'll experience a feeling of being on another planet, away from civilisation, phone coverage or air traffic. We'll dive deep into the desert, kite, eat and rest in the most remote areas of Namibia. Since we care a lot about nature, we'll never leave anything behind us. You may use a tent, but sleeping under the stars in the Namib Desert is an experience hard to describe. Sit on the fire, enjoy your beer and the Braai (BBQ) with finest Namibian meat. 

You'll get many opportunities to learn and improve your Offroading skills in the dunes. Heading further North, they are getting progressively higher where driver experience and skills acquired during the previous days will be tested and honed to perfection. 

At KiteArmada, everyone is a team member. The right group spirit plays a huge role when being challenged, to work together as a team, finding solutions and achieving great goals which you will never forget in your life. 

Day 12 to 14: Walvis Bay to Windhoek

Arriving in Walvis Bay, our Kitesurf Adventure has not come to an end! It offers a vast lagoon area with wildlife all round, including another speed strip. The South Atlantic coast you already know, however, Donkey Bay invites worldwide pro surfers riding endless barrels. It's usually also possible to kite this spot. As in Luderitz, we'll spend two nights in Walvis Bay, before we continue the trip to the famous Spitzkoppe mountain. Besides kiting, we can arrange Dune Quad biking, Dolphin tours or for a change, a cultural trip to Swakopmund. 

Getting to Windhoek / Passport / Visa

Windhoek is an international airport handling daily long distance flights from abroad. When travelling, e.g. from Germany, Condor and Air Namibia offer direct flights. You will be fine with a 23 kg soft bag and your kite gear in addition. 


It’s very important that your Passport is valid for at least 6 months, best would be 12 months. Please make sure, it’s not damaged, e.g. pages broken/missing etc. Authorities in Namibia can be very strict! Upon arrival, you will get a tourist visa (max. 90 days) which is straight forward for e.g. German citizens. We will provide you with a contact address to be noted in your visa application form, which you will be asked to fill out upon arrival. 

Equipment to bring

  • at least two kites, e.g. 8 and 12 meters (including manufacturer repair kit), further 5-6 m

  • two bars

  • harness and leash

  • kite flotation or impact vest

  • two boards including spare fins, correct Allen keys and spare bolts

  • pump (if you still got space)

  • helmet or similar

  • full body neoprene suit (4/3) and neoprene socks (if you want)

  • if possible, drinking water backpack (e.g. Camelbak)

  • if possible, GoPro and mounts, e.g. suction cup mount

  • light army boots (e.g. Magnum Elite Spider 8.0), otherwise running shoes; Flip-Flops

  • Khaki shorts and pants, long sleeve and T-Shirts, socks, swimwear, board shorts, fleece sweater, windbreaker jacket

  • head torch, e.g. Petzl 

  • hat or cap, polarised sunglasses

  • elastic scarf for neck or head

  • waterproof sun screen min. 35 factor, best 50 

  • thermal underwear, long pants / long sleeve shirt

  • sleeping bag, medium temperatures / small pillow if possible

  • 12V car charger for smartphone, iPad etc. and if possible, a smartphone battery bank


Please don’t hesitate to ask about any further gear to bring! The above should be fine. 

Equipment we provide

We have many years of experience with expedition equipment, especially what gear is a must to ensure your Safety. 


We will provide the following:


  1. Rental 4x4’s:  3 - 6 modern offroaders (e.g. Toyota Hilux Double Cab) will be rented from a trusted and reliable company based in Windhoek. All vehicles are fully equipped for tough terrain and expeditions, such as fridge, tents, kitchen equipment, spares, tools, water deposits, chairs, gas cooker, kettle, table etc. 

  2. Support Vehicle: during the Namib desert crossing, we will have another experienced desert guide with a large 4x4 support vehicle with us

  3. Emergency Gear: Sat Phone, Medical Kit etc. 

Travel and Health Insurance

The requirement to join this Adventure is to arrange an international travel/health/evacuation insurance. You will be asked to organise one for yourself as soon as possible and prior to arrival in Namibia. We can support you with finding an appropriate insurer. 

Cash and Credit Card

The local currency in Namibia is the Namibian Dollar (approx. 1 Euro = 15 N$). You can draw the currency at the local ATM. Vendors mainly accept Visa and Mastercard. Please have your PIN with you and the international emergency contact number from your bank, in case your card is lost or stolen. You may also change Euro cash upon arrival in Windhoek. We suggest having a minimum of 500 Euros with you as a backup. 


Namibia is not as dangerous as other African countries further North. Its actually similar to Western European countries. Our experience is very positive. Locals are friendly and supportive. One may also walk roads in the evening without getting robbed. However, we won’t walk city roads so much anyway! 

Namibia's Wildlife

One of the reasons for Namibia’s success in Adventure Tourism is its wildlife. We will teach you everything necessary, so you learn how to deal with wild animals in a respectful and safe way. You may now relax knowing that no animal is after an attack for no reason. Camping at night around the fireplace ensures that animals are staying away. That’s a given fact! 


Its likely that we will encounter Oryx Antelopes, Kudu’s, Springbok, Steenbok, Jackals, Seals, many different Birds and hopefully Dolphins, Whales, Elephants and Giraffes. Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Cheetah would be rare in this region of Namibia, but it’s possible to see them too. You will be now asking yourself, what if? Don’t worry, we are experienced guides. 


At all times, we protect Namibia’s nature by not leaving anything behind us and leaving a camp as no one was ever there before. Strictly no waste will be disposed! We are one with Nature and that’s what the trip is all about. 

Namibia's Cuisine

Joining this Adventure does not mean that you will need to eat canned food every day. Namibia’s people eat a lot of meat. Since there are no meat factories, most of it is excellent Game meat. We certainly respect vegetarians and vegans in our group. The food shopping can be arranged accordingly. However, for our meat lovers, clearly, you will be in Paradise!!! BBQ (Braai) is a tradition every local loves. It’s cooking finest steaks on the fire, together with garlic bread, vegetables etc. 


We cater three meals per day: 


Breakfast:  Coffee/Tea, Cereals, Bread, Jam etc. 

Lunch:        Bread, Cheese, Salads, Cold Meats

Dinner:       Variety of Meat (Chicken, Beef Steak, Pork etc) cooked on fire/gas stove


Drinks like water, beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, sweets, snacks, fruits etc. will be at your expense. 20% APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) shall be paid together with the first instalment, so we can arrange the above at your preference. You will be asked to fill in a preference sheet which we will provide to you. 

Upcoming Dates

January 25th - February 08th, 2019


The following is included:


  1. Rental Cars and its equipment

  2. Fuel for all vehicles involved for approx. 2000  km

  3. Namib Desert and Sossusvlei Permit

  4. Camp Fees for Sesriem near Sossusvlei and Spitzkoppe

  5. Food (10 days of Camping: as listed above: Namibia’s Cuisine)

  6. Safety Equipment

  7. Namib Desert Guide and Support Vehicle

  8. Camping Equipment

  9. Spares and Tools

  10. Medical Kit


The following is excluded: 


  1. Flights

  2. Drinks, special diet, fruit etc. (as listed above: Namibia’s Cuisine)

  3. Guest house accommodation including F&B, i.e. 2 nights in Luderitz and 2 nights in Walvis Bay

  4. Extra activities, e.g. Quad Biking (as described above: Day 11-14)

  5. Kite and other personal Gear

  6. Pharmaceutical Supplies and Medicine

  7. Activities, Accommodation, Rental Cars before or after Kite Armada’s expedition


Please note that prices are subject to change due to currency regulations, unforeseen increases in fuel prices or future government taxes. Quotations are subject to availability at time of booking.


Please leave your email, name and some details about you and the desired number of bookings below, and we'll come back to you with a quote. Many thanks. 

Please use the contact form to leave your email, name and some details about you and the desired number of bookings, and we'll come back to you with a quote. Many thanks. 

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