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It all started in 2015 when I first arrived in Walvisbay en route from Cape Town to Mallorca with a 100 foot Classic Sailing Yacht. I was overwhelmed by the vast beauty of Namibia’s inland and coastal regions.

Kiting in perfectly flat water conditions in the Walvis Bay lagoon, surrounded by thousands of Flamingos and pushing my personal speed record at the famous speed strip was an experience I'll never forget.


As a passionate kitewave surfer, I also discovered Donkey Bay being a dream spot with endless razor sharp barrels to ride along. Kiting from Sandwich Harbour to Walvis Bay, a 45 nautical mile downwinder along the remote Namib Desert, rounded up my fascination of Namibia's nature and its people.



Arriving in Spain after 3 month at sea, crossing the South and North Atlantic, Namibia remained in my heart. In 2016, I went straight back to Walvisbay and with the support of local friends, I purchased a Series 1 Landrover Discovery, fully equipped for any kind of terrain. In three months, I covered 30.000 km in Namibia, South Africa and Botsuana, half of it on off-the-beaten-tracks, camping, exploring unknown kite spots and discovering the deserts of Southern Africa.

Now, I would love to share the next 

off-road and kitesurfing adventure with you.

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