Welcome Adventurers!

We have created the first Kite & Offroad expedition in Namibia. 

In 10 days, experience the perfect combination of Kiting, serious Offroading and living in Wild Nature. Leave the Western world behind and go offline to experiene the raw and most remote regions of Namibia.


Become part of this unique Adventure, such as crossing the world's oldest desert with the highest sand dunes: the Namib, mainly off-the-beaten-track.

500 km no one 

around you!

What you get is an unrivalled kitesurf experience with absolutely no one around you in dream conditions, whether kiting on flat water, in waves and of course long distance downwinders. No one ever kited along the Namib! It’s like visiting another planet and you’ll be the first one! We will find a good balance between 4x4 overlanding and kitesurfing. Average wind speeds range between 20 and 25 knots along the coast, side shore from left (i.e. southerly winds). 

Water temperatures range between 16 and 18 degrees. The long swell on route allows to travel up to 60 km a day with wave heights between 1 and 3 meters. Air temperatures at day range from 20 degrees on the beach up to 38 degrees in the dunes. Nights can be chilly in the desert but good medium class sleeping bags are perfectly fine.


Namibia will blow your mind. Do not expect a standard Kitesurf vacation. Forget what you know about the world's kitespots. 

This untouched coastline and its rough terrain is going to challenge you and resets your senses. Every day varies and your are going to be proud of yourself having achieved this. However, we are providing to you all the comfort you can think of while being far away from civilisation. 

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